Our Story

Hi, I'm Tiffany! I am the founder and maker here at Walker Street Candle Company, and I am so glad that you stopped by today!

Walker Street Candle Company is an idea rooted in love, care, and authenticity. It started as a hobby during a season when I was struggling to regain my identity after becoming a new mother, and it has since turned into a beautiful journey that allows me to push myself every single day.  

The name Walker Street is an ode to my first date with my husband and the hilarious start of the last ten years of our lives together.  As a life-long candle lover and mom to a tiny human and fur baby, I wanted to craft a candle experience that aligned with my new normal. The criteria was simple – safe, creative, and bougie AF!  

Most of our products are flame-free (yes, you heard right, flame-free) to accommodate the beautiful chaos in our lives, and we are intentional throughout every step of the process.  From our choice of wax -virgin coconut soy and coconut tart wax- to the careful curation of our Signature Collection, all the way down to our sustainable packaging, it is our pleasure to bring you with us on this candle making journey. 

- Tiffany